Styrofoam™ Recycling

If you’re tired of spending money to dispose of Styrofoam, Buckeye Industries has the answer – recycle it! Not only does recycling eliminate expensive disposal fees but it also helps the environment by being an alternative to land fills. And all you have to do is deliver it – we do the rest.

Our professional crew, which is comprised of inpiduals with disabilities that live in our community, starts by sorting the Styrofoam (only EPS 6) to remove all contaminates such as tape, paper, plastic, etc. Please note that we cannot accept Styrofoam contaminated with food or beverages. It is then placed into our state-of-the art recycling equipment that condenses it into heavy bricks of compressed material. This material is then shipped to buyers who reprocess it into new products, such as picture frames and crown molding. These products are on local retailers’ shelves thus creating an environmentally beneficial circle of sustainability.

This creates new jobs in your area for persons with disabilities. It also removes from landfills a material that has an incredibly slow decomposition rate and takes up huge amounts of space.

Just deliver the materials to our Eastlake facility that is conveniently located right off Rt. 2. There is no charge to your business for our service. Main service areas include Cuyahoga, Lake, Ashtabula and Geauga counties.

Start going green now by recycling your Styrofoam. Contact Carmen Siciliano, Sales Professional, at Buckeye Industries today for more information on how your organization can become a part of this ecologically innovative and socially beneficial program - 216-481-1909 x342, .

Styrofoam is a trademark of Dow Chemical Co.

Recycling Success Stories

“Recycling our Stryofoam with Buckeye Industries has benefited our organization on many levels. We have saved money from the elimination of the expensive disposal fees we once paid, have increased our efforts in the area of environmental responsibility and are helping provide employment to a segment of the community who are often left behind in terms of employment and social inclusion – individuals who are developmentally disabled. It has been a win-win for us.”
- Vince Kotewicz
Warehouse Manager, Digital Dish

“Buckeye Industries is our environmental savior. Lake Business Products developed a green program in 2009. It has taken two years to find what we consider a perfect solution for our waste Styrofoam. With the benefits of cost cutting for us and added employment for Buckeye Industries, we are truly honored to work with such a responsible organization.”
- Rick McClain
Building Operations Manger, Lake Business Products